Prenatal Topics

Are we taking care of you in this pregnancy? May we recommend the following:

Prenatal Classes for first time parents:

These classes fill up quickly. To ensure getting a spot, it is recommend that you register by your 12-14th week of your pregnancy. Classes typically begin in the 28th week of your pregnancy.


Hospital Pre-registration:

Pre-registration forms will be given to you prior to your 28th week appointment. Please complete them at your leisure and return them to the front desk of the clinic at your following appointment. These forms will be forwarded to the hospital on your behalf in order for the Obstetrical unit to prepare for your future visit.


Glucose tolerance testing:

This specific blood test is done at the 26-28th week of your pregnancy. You will receive information about how to and where to do this test prior to your 28th week appointment. This test will take at least an hour to complete.

Certain women will need to have this testing done in combination with other blood work at Milton District Hospital. If you have been instructed to do so, please see read these instructions.


Group B Strep Culture:

This test is done between 35 and 37 weeks gestation. A swab is taken from the vagina and rectum to determine if the mother is a carrier of the bacteria. This is a type of bacteria that is normally found in the vagina and/or rectum of some women. It is not a sexually transmitted disease. It usually causes no symptoms or problems in adults. However, sometimes it can cause a serious infection in the newborn. If your test is positive, IV antibiotics will be given to you while in labor to prevent this infection in the newborn.


Tour of the Milton District Hospital Obstetrical Unit:

This visit is best made for your 34-36th week of your pregnancy. Booking information can found on page 5 of the “Having Your Baby at Halton Healthcare” booklet.